Idaho - A Place for Working Lands


Family farms, ranches and private forests are an important part of Idaho’s history and rural lifestyle. Early homesteaders of the region provided food and fiber for the state’s first settlements. Today, private landowners continue their contribution to the state’s economy, the rural character of communities, and the stewardship of streams and wildlife habitat.


The amenities of the Gem State attract new residents every year. Idaho’s population growth ranks as the 4th highest in the nation (Census 2000). Housing the new neighbors competes with the existing rural land uses. In 2005, a group formed to study the conversion of working lands. Ranchers, farmers, forest owners, conservationists and sportsmen formed a partnership - The Idaho Working Lands Coalition. The partners work to reserve a place in Idaho’s future landscape for farms, ranches, and private forests while accommodating additional growth.

Annotated Bibliography

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on November 8, 2010


The Coalition Partners publish a bibliography of references about working forests, farms and ranches.  The references are accessible on-line without the need for proprietary software.  The collection  organizes the materials by major categories:  General Background, Land Conversion Studies, Fiscal Impacts of Working Lands Conversion, and Market Incentives.

Contribute References: Working lands conversion is a topic receiving attention across the country;  new data and reports are anticipated.  In addition, we have likely overlooked existing sources.  

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